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Success Stories

A few words from our many happy customers around the world.

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Dervla & Damien

We learned a lot about our relationship.

We have been dating for more than 15years but have never really sat down and discussed our relationship like this program made us do. For instance the first section where we had to describe each other using positive and negative descriptions proved both entertaining and educational to us.

The conflict resolution section is definitely something we will take away with us, although we don't argue that much we both feel that once we start a family the stress and strain on our relationship will increase thus bringing with it more possible arguments so we have taken your tips onboard to resolve any issues that may arise in the future. 

All in all we have come away from today's online session happy and confident that we have found who we want to spend our lives together with. 

Regards Dervla and Damien

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Caroline & Andrew

We found the “Mr & Mrs Quiz” very interesting and we were happy to discover  the we actually know each other quite well after 11 years together and we both scored 18 points.

The workbook questions were very beneficial and it enabled us to open up about questions that were difficult to approach otherwise. 

The online course was probably more beneficial to us as we may not have been as open an honest in a group setting.

The videos were very informative.  We especially appreciated the advice on how to communicate more effectively and respectfully to each other and not to misinterpret what the other person is saying.

Overall, the program was very beneficial and made us feel more confident and realistic in what to expect in our relationship.  It was also great to realise that other people have come across the same challenges as we have as a couple.

Caroline & Andrew, Co. Galway

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Treasa & Rob Marriage

We took a lot from the course and it made us really sit down and talk about some things we haven't ever discussed, ie how we handle conflict and also the influence of our parents' relationships on how we conduct our own.

It was particularly interesting to learn what "every day things" are important to us, ie domestic chores and sharing the workload at home. 

We have learned that we need to work on our communication skills and not to push things under the carpet as they usually rear their heads at some point and in our relationship, this often results in resentment and confrontation.

We also realise that marriage will not ultimately change us, but it will be a contract between us to value each other and hopefully allow us to prioritise each other. 

We are actually doing another course in Brighton in a few weeks in order to satisfy our priest's request, so it will be interesting to see if anything different crops up!

Many thanks!
Treasa & Rob, Hampshire, UK

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Noreen and Kevin Marriage

In regards to what we both learned from the program, the key thing we noted was the importance in communication in ALL aspects of our lives and relationship. Even from the initial Mr &Mrs quiz, sharing expectations and couples issues, it was interesting to realise the basic misconceptions we had about each other and they were mainly from topics that we have never took a lot of time to discuss before. It was good to talk through them, find out each other’s opinions and views and iron out or clear up any kinks! There was a few home truths but it was good to hear them as now we both will be more conscious of them and how each other feels about them.

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Louise & Philip

We learned tat we both know each other quite well. I know Philip a bit better.

We agree on a lot of things and put de same answer for most things. It's pointless having silly arguments and to bring up stuff from de past in future arguments. We both had different upbringing even tho both our parents are still together.

When somebody needs space if having a bad day give it to them and don't take it personally but also let them know u are there if they want to talk bout anything. We are ready to get married and love each other and are very committed to one another.

The dvd was very good, we enjoyed it and didn't take up too much time which is good as we have a toddler and Philip works nites.

Louise & Philip, Co. Meath

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Tara & Micheal

I found I learnt I had to more patient and Micheal found he learned to communicate more.

Disagreements we have a better understanding now to work through them because we had been doing it wrong in the past. We learned as well as getting married for love and wanting to spend the rest of our lives together it is also about compromise and putting the needs of your partner before yours. We both learned that even though our families are different we both get on very well with them.

We learned we do think very alike but still found the program to be very beneficial. We did it because we knew we had to but ended up enjoying it and discussing all parts. We learned that we are a great family unit because we both are there for each other in the tough times and not so tough.
If we have any financial burdens we work through them together.


Tara & Micheal, Co. Laois

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Treasa Carroll & Aidan Connolly

We both found it very beneficial as it prompted us to take some time to discuss our feelings and thoughts regarding a number of subjects.

We certainly feel it helped us take stock of what was important to us both and areas where we can work on i.e making more quality time for each other and improving our communication techniques.

It also gave us both added confidence in our relationship as we both were able to answer questions posed quite accurately. 

Treasa Carroll & Aidan Connolly,Log na gCapall, South Circular Rd, Limerick.

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Marie Carolan & Charles Hodgson

We really enjoyed the course and had great fun compiling the list on the island at the end!

Marie Carolan & Charles Hodgson, Kildare Town, Co. Kildare

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