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Treasa & Rob

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Treasa & Rob Marriage

We took a lot from the course and it made us really sit down and talk about some things we haven't ever discussed, ie how we handle conflict and also the influence of our parents' relationships on how we conduct our own.

It was particularly interesting to learn what "every day things" are important to us, ie domestic chores and sharing the workload at home. 

We have learned that we need to work on our communication skills and not to push things under the carpet as they usually rear their heads at some point and in our relationship, this often results in resentment and confrontation.

We also realise that marriage will not ultimately change us, but it will be a contract between us to value each other and hopefully allow us to prioritise each other. 

We are actually doing another course in Brighton in a few weeks in order to satisfy our priest's request, so it will be interesting to see if anything different crops up!

Many thanks!
Treasa & Rob, Hampshire, UK

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