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Would you like to do a modern, sophisticated Precana course that prepares you for life as a married couple?

Would you like to learn why so many marriages fall apart, and what you can do to prevent that?

Do you want the convenience of a trusted and recognised Precana course that has been accepted by Churches in America and the rest of the world since 2007?

The Coronavirus is a very real danger to you and your family. Avoid sitting in a small room full of strangers coughing and sneezing. Complete your marriage course in safety and peace. Do it online today

Precana course online - Avalon

We have a team of highly trained experts in fields from Neuroscience, Theology and Psychology among others, who have come together to create this fantastic Precana course online.

To meet our team of experts just click here. Over twenty consultants and two Catholic priests gave their expertise to our program. A senior Catholic theologian reviewed our course and verified it was fully in line with Church teaching.

Our head consultant, David Kavanagh, has fifteen years of experience as a licensed Family Therapist and holds a degree and diploma in Theology from a prestigious Catholic University. He is also a published author and you can read more about his book ‘Love Rewired’ here.

Many couples often wonder what a Precana course online can tell them that they don’t already know.

Well here are some of the things you will learn in our exciting program:

  • You will learn how to communicate more effectively
  • We show you how to keep the spark alive in your relationship
  • You will recognise and manage your attitudes to finance even better
  • We teach you fascinating insights about the development of your baby’s brain
  • Is your smart-phone causing you to argue? We show you how to regain closeness
  • We teach you about the Church’s views on the Sacrament of Marriage and how important it is for your faith

So what will you get when you sign up for the Avalon Pre-Cana course? 

- Watch our ‘Group Presentation Course’ and share all the fun of a live course (but in your own sitting room) New for 2020 

- In three core videos called Episodes: we give you Episode One; where you will learn about the History of Marriage and the Church’s teachings on marriage, with interviews from Fr Peter Mc Verry and Fr John Hassett 

- In Episode Two, we teach you about the Secrets to Successful Communication and Conflict Resolution 

- In Episode Three, we explore the Four Key areas of marriage, Parenting, Sex, Money and Families 

- Complete your course workbooks to understand your core values on money, intimacy, affection and family dynamics 

- All our course videos have been updated for 2020 to include “how to cope with the Corona Virus crisis” 

- We also give you incredible interviews with experts in Finance, Law, Fertility and even with Two Wedding Planners (to name but a few) 

- We give you wedding and marriage E-Books to help you understand the secrets to marital success 

- We give you an E-Book on the Church’s teachings on Marriage 

- Online webinar support for twelve months with our head consultant, David Kavanagh 

- Most important of all, we give you a Certificate once you complete our simple quiz 

- New for 2020 - Avalon will have a Zoom interview with your priest to reassure him about our course if he needs to know more about us. Email us here for more information. Contact form.

20% Discount available for

Healthcare Staff

Avalon is now offering a 20% discount to any couple, where one or both of you is working in the front line in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Precana course online - Francesca Gallo & Peter Hajjar USA

Krista LaMacchia

It helped us with conflict - resolution and communication. Which I think will carry us through our lives and is something we will always work on, but what i loved was how some of the questions were positioned and it helped us be able to answer questions and communicate in a neutral environment 

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Precana course online - Brianna and Justin NY

Brianna and Justin

In conclusion we found this program to be very reassuring. I feel we are on the same page about our future,and we can both assess what we bring to the marriage and work off each others strengths, as proved in the stranded on an island exercise.

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Precana course online - Francesca Gallo & Peter Hajjar Salem

Francesca & Peter

Overall we learned so much and are so excited to get married in the catholic church and one day, when the time is right, start a family in the church where I was raised. Thank you again for this class, I hope you know how much this means to us. Our journey of learning has just begun!

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Precana course online - Francesca Gallo & Peter Hajjar Hampshire, UK

Teresa and Robert

We have been dating for more than 15years but have never really sat down and discussed our relationship like this program made us do. For instance the first section where we had to describe each other using positive and negative 

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FAQ - Pre Cana Online

How do we do the course online?
  1. Complete pages One to Four of your workbook first.
  2. Then watch the Avalon Pre Cana Course, Episodes One, Two and Three and follow the instructions in the video.
  3. Now watch the other video interviews.
  4. Then read the E- Books provided with the program.
  5. Complete the short quiz online where it says Certificate Quiz.

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