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Course Video's

Preparing for your Wedding

Episode 1 Preparing for your Wedding

David Kavanagh interviews Tara Fay, wedding planner, to get her tips for planning the perfect wedding, Fr Peter Mc Verry to hear his ideas about how best to understand the Sacrament of Marriage and Lauren, a new mum, to hear her thoughts on how marriage and children can change our relationships.

Episode 3 The Four Key Challenges of Marriage

Episode 3 The Four Key Challenges of Marriage

In this video, David Kavanagh and Niamh Geaney are joined by a group of experts in various fields. The discussions with these experts, including Dr. Philip Boyle (a fertility expert), Colette O’Leary (a wedding planner) and Trish Murphy (a psychotherapist) touch on a variety of different challenges that face modern day couples. Such challenges may be; ‘choosing our marriage partners’, ‘mistakes we can make as a result of family conditioning’, ‘Pornography’, ‘money matters’ and ‘positive parenting’.

Fr. John Hassett Interview

In this interview, Father John Hassett, Moderator at Lucan Parish, discusses the importance of ‘faith’. He explains the importance of trust in a marriage and how it is the most fundamental element to a lasting relationship. He also explains that while we often make time for our hobbies or friends, we often take our relationships for granted and may assume we already know everything there is to know about one another. Father Hassett then goes on to demonstrate the value of completing a pre marriage course, no matter the length of time you have been together.


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