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Avalon is now offering a 20% discount to any couple, where one or both of you is working in the front line in the fight against the Coronavirus.

We really appreciate your efforts to keep our world safe and we are ever so grateful for the sacrifices you are making to help your fellow man.

If you are a firefighter, paramedic, nurse, doctor or cleaner working in one of the world's hospitals, just send us a photo of your ID and we will give you the discount code you need to reduce the cost of our course.

Please scan your healthcare staff ID and email to [email protected] or use the chatbox to get help.

Keep up the amazing work and God Bless.

David Kavanagh

Why chose a Pre Cana Online Course?

Busy schedules

Are you juggling a busy schedule? Between work, study, wedding planning and a variety of other commitments, many couples simply can’t find the time to attend a classroom-style Pre-Cana course. Our online course takes 8 hours to complete, but it works around your schedule. You can do it all at once, or break it up into sections.

Always available

Our course is ready when you are. If you live far away from a major city, finding a course that suits may mean extra expenses, such as a hotel or transport. Couples who work in different countries face even greater difficulties scheduling a time and place to do their Pre-Cana course. may Because our course is online, you can do via Skype or video messaging if need be. Best of all, you can come back to the course at any point over a 12 month period if you want to a refresher. 


Our Pre-Cana course ask you to examine private details of your relationship, including family dynamics, finances and expectations regarding sexual intimacy. Many of us find it difficult to be honest when surrounded by strangers. By doing the course in privacy, you can discuss these issues more openly and thoroughly at your own pace.

Getting your Pre Cana Certificate

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