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Online Precana Course

How It Works

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Our Online Precana Course only takes four hours to complete.

It's both simple and fun to do.


Step One - Download the His and Her workbooks.

Step Two - Fill in pages One to Four together and follow the instructions carefully on each page.

Step Three - Watch 'Episode One" and complete the workbook when asked to do so. 

Step Four - Watch the other two 'Episodes' and complete the workbooks.

Step Five - Complete the CERTIFICATE QUIZ together. New! Pass our simple quiz to get your certificate  IMMEDIATELY.

Step Six - Watch the other videos at your leisure over the next few weeks and discuss the content together.

Step Seven - Download the Mp3's and the E-Books and listen to / read them over the next few weeks.


Enjoy all the Bonus material at your leisure.

So how much does the course cost?

1. We have the On-line PreCana Course: Two Workbooks, hours of interviews and videos, E-books, MP3'S and an Audio Book on religion and faith.
This also comes with online relationship support for 12 months. This is 120$

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