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Catholic Marriage Preparation Course Online. Better Value, more Fun.

Our course has a 100% approval rating from couples just like you.

The vast majority of online courses consist just of video interviews with various different  speakers.
Couples have found this be quite repetitive.

The Avalon Pre Cana course is different.
Yes we did interview over 20 consultants to make this program,  but that's not all we did.

We also spent 12 months and over 60,000 dollars making three core videos which have the same production quality as a TV documentary. The producer of the videos was Ned O' Hanlon. Ned was famous for producing the MTV music awards a few years back so you can imagine that the quality of the content as a result.

Our Catholic Marriage Preparation Course is an invaluable marriage resource.

Pre Cana Course Online

Two Workbooks, hours of interviews and videos, E-books, MP3'S and an Audio Book on religion and faith.
This also comes with online relationship support for 12 months.

How it works

Our Catholic Marriage Preparation Course online only takes four hours to complete.

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Getting your Pre Marriage Certificate

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Right throughout the Program, the couple will be fascinated to learn about the history of marriage, the influences of society on our perception of marriage, and also how gender and stereotypes can prevent couples from reaching harmony.
We show you both how to maintain a healthy relationship now and in the future, we give you advice on parenting, sexuality, faith formation and even on how your unconscious brain can affect your choice of partner.

The course we offer you has a 100% approval rating from couples just like you.

We estimate that the online course has over 20 hours of content in total so you are getting incredible value for money.

Topics Covered Include:

A deeper bond, Wedding Planning, The Origins of Christianity, The Sacrament of Marriage, Nutrition and Fitness, Gender equality and stereotypes, Sex and sexuality, Feminism, Theology, The Seven Sacraments, Church Teaching on IVF and Divorce, Family of Origin, The couples expectations of Marriage, How society expects you to change after marriage, Parenting Issues, Fertility and Infertility Issues, and more...

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