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Structure of the course

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Structure of the course

This course helps you to discuss important topics before you marry such as:


  • Spirituality and Faith
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Careers
  • Finances
  • Intimacy/Cohabitation
  • Children
  • Commitment
  • Family Life
  • Values
  • Goals
  • Parenting Challenges
  • Your Future together

As a couple you have probably discussed some of these topics. This is great. That should confirm your decision to marry. But don’t avoid topics that might be sensitive or difficult to discuss. Now is the time to face difficult conversations and make sure you are on the same page.  This Pre Cana course helps you to address these issues more thoroughly.

To complete the course, fill in your workbooks, pages 1-4 before watching    The Social Construction of Marriage Video. Then when you have done this, continue to the Communication and Conflict Video where it will ask you to fill in more exercises in the workbook.

Finally watch the Four Key Challenges of Marriage video and complete the workbook together. This should take you both about three hours.

Once you have done this, we suggest that you watch the interview with Fr Peter Mc Verry , (a Jesuit priest), to hear what he says about the Sacrament of Marriage.

Following on from this we have a wide range of experts giving you advice on Money, Fertility, Family life and much more. Watch each interview together and discuss the issues that they raise.

We also include a number of great audio books for you to listen to in your car on the way to work. These are packed full of ideas to help you both live happily ever after.

Finally we need you to complete the Certificate Quiz.

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