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Caroline & Andrew

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Caroline & Andrew

We found the “Mr & Mrs Quiz” very interesting and we were happy to discover  the we actually know each other quite well after 11 years together and we both scored 18 points.

The workbook questions were very beneficial and it enabled us to open up about questions that were difficult to approach otherwise. 

The online course was probably more beneficial to us as we may not have been as open an honest in a group setting.

The videos were very informative.  We especially appreciated the advice on how to communicate more effectively and respectfully to each other and not to misinterpret what the other person is saying.

Overall, the program was very beneficial and made us feel more confident and realistic in what to expect in our relationship.  It was also great to realise that other people have come across the same challenges as we have as a couple.

Caroline & Andrew, Co. Galway

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