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Tara & Micheal

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I found I learnt I had to more patient and Micheal found he learned to communicate more.

With disagreements we have a better understanding now to work through them because we had been doing it wrong in the past. We learned as well as getting married for love and wanting to spend the rest of our lives together it is also about compromise and putting the needs of your partner before yours. We both learned that even though our families are different we both get on very well with them.

We learned we do think very alike but still found the program to be very beneficial. We did it because we knew we had to but ended up enjoying it and discussing all parts. We learned that we are a great family unit because we both are there for each other in the tough times and not so tough.
If we have any financial burdens we work through them together.


Tara & Micheal, Co. Laois