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Online Pre-Cana Classes

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Online Pre-Cana Classes

The Catholic church requires an engaged couple to take the Pre-Cana course before getting to wed in the church. Pre-Cana derives its name from Cana in the Bible, the location where Jesus performed the miracle of changing water into wine. There are physical classes and online Pre-Cana classes. 

The engaged people must take the course as a couple. However, some people may find it difficult to attend as a couple due to distance, challenging schedules, or need for privacy. Such people may need to take the online Pre-Cana classes. 

Couples in the military may also find it challenging to attend physically and opt for online classes physically. 

Ideally, one needs to register by visiting the online website. The registration process is simple and straightforward. After paying the required fee, you can access the entire course. You can then complete the course anytime, anywhere.

The good thing is that after completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can download, print out, or just forward to the church leaders engaged in helping you prepare for marriage. 

With online Pre-Cana classes, you have the flexibility of taking the course at your own schedule and pace. It is convenient since one can discuss with their partner during their own free time and share ideas on the topics covered. Additionally, one can access the course later on. 

Usually, after completing the marriage prep course, you get to fill out an online questionnaire. The questions cover several topics that you discussed at Pre-Cana, and you can only pick one of the three answers; agree, disagree, or undecided.

You do not answer the questions together with your fiancé, and the results get sent to your church. The church does not stop you from getting married, even if your answers to the questions are different. The church only initiates the discussions of the critical topics you will encounter in your marriage life. 

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