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Catholic Marriage

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Catholic Marriage

The Catholic church believes that marriage is a gift from God and should be governed by his laws. In Catholic marriage, it is rare to come across couples who write their own vows. The vows are part of liturgy administered by the Pope, and every Catholic around the world has to adhere.

Generally, the couple planning a wedding has to meet with the priests at the parish and make inquiries on everything they need to know. Such things include the possible dates, details on church bookings, and many more. The couple must show that they understand that marriage permanent and exclusive, they enter freely, and it is open to children. 

For the priests to approve the wedding, you will have to produce some documents, including proof of baptism, communion, and confirmation. You can get the records in the church where you participated in the sacraments or get an affidavit from two authorized witnesses. 

The couple has to undergo the marriage prep course prior to their Catholic marriage. The Pre-Cana classes allow the couple to talk about the topics that may arise when they are married, including children, finances, and many others.

Although the church has not declared an official dress code for the event, it is always advisable to keep it modest. Some conservative churches may require the shoulders to be covered. In many cases, the church will request that the maid of honor or matron be of the Catholic faith.

The Catholic marriage ceremony may be a wedding mass, but you may have to consult with your priest if you want a shortened event. You can talk to the priest to have some flexibility in the number of speakes, readings, etc.

Additionally, every church has its own rules on photography. They need to take pictures but should not turn the event into a photoshoot. It is a liturgy and should remain sacred.

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