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Linsey, Shawn and Makenna

The program you have done is amazing.

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We first want to start off by saying thank you. The program you have done is amazing.

At first we both thought it was crazy we had to do this but after we understand why our church wanted us to. It taught us alot and with your workbooks it made us ask questions we probably would have never ask it made us open up on a whole new level. Were both happy we did it and also still go back and go over things In your program.

In our opinion the sacrament of marriage is a honor to receive in the catholic church. Marriage is a union between two people who are in love and God. Marriage is being honest caring loyal and selfless to your partner thru the good or the bad. Being there for your partner at all times even if your mad at each other and can't

agree at that time. Being supportive in each others ideas and not hold judgment.

Marriage and love are not about gifts and buying love with materialistic things. Its about the small things making the coffee pot the night before if your partner has to get up early, cooking them their favorite dinner if they are having a bad day to cheer them up, leaving them a small note saying I love you have a good day in the lunch box. Its the small things showing your love and that you care about them.

My dad gave us advice to never go to bed angry he said no matter how long it takes work it out before you go to bed and my parents been married 36yrs. We used that advice and he was right the next day is so much better when you don't go to bed angry. Marriage is a learning process your going to learn many things thru out the years from family the church and strangers and also programs like this.

Marriage is a special bond that can't be broken that's your partner for life. Marriage is making a comment to each other and God. Were honored that we found our life partner and hope others can to.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts on a different level.

Sincerely Linsey Spafford, Shawn Olschewske, and Makenna Olschewske (our daughter) God bless