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Kieran & Liz

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Kieran & Liz

Hi David, We both learned a lot about communication and conflict in a marriage.

The pitfalls of mis- communication and the importance of timing, tone and empathy in having a "good" argument. This portion of the DVD gave us guidance on how to have more constructive arguments in the future by waiting until both parties are ready and determining what we wish to achieve as the outcome of the argument.  

We resolved an issue we didnt know were there (or perhaps ignoring) with regards to family members and taking sides. In fact a couple of the workbook question discussions led to clearing up issues that were left undiscussed/unresolved until now.


We learned about the legalities of marriage, history of marriage and how marriage is percieved by society, this helped us percieve our own roles within a marriage. We quite enjoyed the last test - the desert island one, as we had been watching Bear Grylls yesterday morning so most of our answers matched  and those that didnt we were well informed as how to debate to compile the joint list. :-)

I can go into more detail but these were the main points for us.

Regards Kieran & Liz, Co. Waterford

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