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Recognition of the Church

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Recognition of the Church

Recognition of the Church

“From the course, I can say that in response to the recommendations of the code of canon law in the section on the function of sanctifying the church in canon 1603 paragraph 2 that says and invites personal preparation for marriage that the course is an important tool to be able to dispose of the couple to fulfill the obligations of their new state but above all that they dispose to experience and live in holiness.

In the same canon 1603 in paragraph 3, mentioning the liturgical celebration of marriage, it indicates that it must be prepared since at that moment the spouses are signs of unity and fruitful love between Christ and the Church. Hence the importance of being aware that the wedding is not just an event, it is rather a sacrament that leads to an encounter with God and must be prepared in all aspects. The courses and catechesis are extremely important and today any means is valid to train in the spiritual Christian area.

I recommend the Avalon course to all Catholic couples around the world who wish to be trained to receive the sacrament of marriage.”

Pbro. Jose Manuel Martinez Espinosa

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