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A Marriage Preparation Course. Why is it called Pre Cana?

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Pre-Cana is a process that every engaged person has to go through in the Catholic Church. It is a class or course that prepares couples looking forward to getting married in the Catholic Church. The word Cana refers to the town where Jesus attended a wedding and turned water into wine (John 2:1-11). It is the traditional name used by most parishes and dioceses, but some call it “marriage prep.”

Christian marriage and especially in the Catholic Church is a sacrament, and therefore couples are made to under this. They can evaluate and increase their readiness for marriage as individuals and also as a couple. The marriage preparation can be done online, during weekends, classes planned according to participants’ availability, or as a few days retreat. It is usually done a few months before the wedding day. 


What can I expect from a Pre-Cana course?


The Pre-Cana course highlights relationship core elements, but this is done in the company of other people preparing for their marriage. It provides some practical information to help you achieve goals, individually, as a couple and as a family. The course allows couples to explore their individual relationships and how they understand different elements of the relationship and how they can celebrate their specific commitment to one another. The course is carried out in a respectful, fun, and confidential atmosphere. Couples are not placed in any situations that cause distress or embarrass them. The course is facilitated by trained people and who know how to make participants open up for discussions and learning. Here are some of the things you have to do:


  • Noting down things you would like to achieve in your marriage and share with your partner privately. This includes career goals, parenting, and other values you want your children to have or anything else you expect to attain in married life. 


  • Opening up for discussions on topics that help grow your relationship. 


  • You engage in role-playing led by facilitators regarding typical situations, which usually make couples conflict. This helps you know how to handle various conflicts and also communicate effectively for a peaceful family. 


Other things that may be discussed in Pre-Cana include sexuality, stepfamilies, couple prayer, natural family planning, challenges for military families, and divorce. 


The format of the courses varies depending on what a parish wants to offer them. However, the content and concept are consistent. The main topics discussed are faith and spirituality, careers, how to resolve conflicts, money management, parenting, children, cohabitation, and intimacy. 

Benefits of Pre-Cana


Imparts wisdom to couples 


Pre-Cana is a program that exposes couples to wisdom on how to deal with issues that can lead to divorce. They are given tips to handle financial matters and how to plan on having children. Learning how to solve and avoid serious issues that destroy a marriage lays a strong foundation. Pre-Cana is important, and couples should set aside time for this Roman Catholic tradition. 


Helps couples plan their future 


Pre-Cana counsellors help couples plan their future as one. They do this by assisting them in setting financial goals and planning how to accomplish their expectations in marriage. Couples gain compassion along with communication skills.


Couples discover a lot about themselves 


Pre-Cana counselling gives an engaged couple, a chance to learn about themselves. The counsellors create an environment where people can engage freely and listen to one another. With their skills, they can help couples open up and allow couples to discover new things about one another. This space is safe for couples to share thoughts about one another without upsetting each other. People who have gone through heartbreaks benefit a lot from such counselling as they can say things without fear of losing their partner. 

What do I do after Pre-Cana? 


After a Pre-Cana counselling, you will have answers to many questions. You can make sound decisions and no longer worry about approaching specific issues with your partner. The Pre-Cana movement is significant in the Catholic Church. It celebrates and embraces couples while guiding them on how to achieve their expectations in the best way. It should not scare you, instead, take it positively for open and consistent communication. 


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