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What is Pre Cana in the Catholic Church?

What is Pre Cana in the Catholic Church?

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Pre-cana is basically a marriage preparation course offered to couples planning for marriage in the catholic church. If you have found a compatible partner and you are now planning to get married to the love of your life you will be required to take a marriage course to expose you to some of the critical discussions into the marriage life.

You need to be trained on how to live happily with your wife. In case you engage in some quarrels, you are trained on how you would handle such conversations and ensure that you are at peace with each other. The pre-can course is meant to train you on every aspect of the marriage life based on the catholic teachings.

 What to expect from the pre-cana course

The precana course is fought on different schedules in different parishes and therefore the class time meetings may differ significantly from one parish to another. However, the content in all churches is similar, and you are able to receive the same teachings.


Common pre-cana schedules in the various parishes include;

  • The pre-cana course is taken only once in a week and mostly at times over the weekend since most people are usually committed in their daily work schedules. The couples can, therefore, choose when they need to have the class either on Saturday or on Sunday.

  • The meetings will be headed by the priest or your deacon in a span of a few weeks until the pre-cana course is completed. Sponsor couple who is usually a married couple should also be present in the meetings. Sponsor couple is meant to offer guidance and advice to the new couples.

  • Different couples in the group may go for a retreat over the weekend to enjoy some time together as they prepare for their reunions.

  • Role-playing is also part of the course where you will be practicing some of the real-life marriage issues you may encounter in your lives. Your facilitators should help you figure out ways to solve conflicts that may occur in marriage.

  • The pre-cana course comprises of topics such as conflict resolutions, matters on intimacy, parental rules, spirituality and strong faith in Christ, finances and marriage commitment, among other topics. All these topics are meant to shape the couple into the right path as the head towards the new marriage life. What to expect and how to encounter various problems that come their way.


You need to look at the pre-cana course as a motivation to improve your understanding on the marriage life and how you need to be ready to enjoy every moment with your partner as you also develop strategies to withstand any challenges that come your way.

When should you do a precana course?

Once you have found your perfect match and you are ready to settle down with your lovely wife your priest will advise you to take a marriage preparation course the precana just before you can begin your reunion. Based on the catholic teachings, a couple should start the pre-cana classes some months before your wedding day. Just to be precise, you should begin the classes in 8 months prior to your wedding day. The Catholic Church requires couples who are already engaged to take up a pre-marital inventory meant to guide them through their marriage life. The course may take a short time depending on the class schedules.

If you are committed, a two weeks weekend should be enough to cover all the topics in the program. Other married couples may also be invited to share their experiences and as well offer advice to the new couples who are about to begin the marriage journey. If you are not available and you have some busy schedules, you may access the online pre-cana course.

The marriage preparation course is meant to provide a guideline on what to expect in your marriage and how to handle some life situations when they come your way. The pre-cana course exposes you to all marriage matters ranging from conflicts, how to treat your in-laws, living a spiritual life, living a happy marriage and being a string to withstand all difficult situations that come through your marriage.


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