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The accountability factor

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The accountability factor

So how can Avalon tell that couples have actually completed the assigned work?

Well, we quiz you!

Once you have watched and studied the information on the DVD and filled out the provided workbooks, you are required to complete a quiz, testing you on the information that you have just learned. It is essential to send us the finished quiz in order for us to see if you have passed and then we can send you on your certificate! (And it is not possible to answer the questions unless you have done your homework!) We will also sometimes e-mail couples before we send out the certificates, just to see if you can answer a random question from the workbook…

Although we offer group courses all over Ireland, our research shows that couples can feel distracted and have inhibitions about discussing the more private, intimate matters when there are other couples just a few feet away. We believe that completing the course in the comfort of your own home allows you to work at your own pace, can give you more focus and privacy and all in all result in more bang for your buck!

We have found also that group sessions can be;

-       Rushed, what if the allocated time for the course is up and you still have questions?

-       Filled with other talkative, nervous couples who take up a lot of the presenters time

-       Time consuming, you would both need to book time off work

-       Costly, including paying for the session and travel costs.

We trust that the Church would not argue that this course format, which has only recently become available to couples like you, offers you the ability to really reflect on the meaning of your marriage from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

What about Pastoral Care?

If you have any questions after the completion of your course, or simply feel you need some more pastoral input, Avalon is happy to help via;

-       Skype

-       Telephone calls

-       E-mail

-       Or in person

On the condition that he would put his training and skills to good use, David Kavanagh’s third level education was financed by the Bishop of Ossory in Ireland. He currently plays an active part in the promotion of the sanctity of Marriage through his work with Avalon and he is also a respected systemic Family and Couples counsellor based in Dundrum, Co. Dublin.


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