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Success Stories

A few words from our many happy customers around the world.

Amy Dixon and Patrick Mooney

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We found it extremely helpful! The topics that were brought up for discussion were things that we didn't realize we needed to talk about. It really helped us to understand each other better and how we can improve on working through differences.

Thank you so much! 

Amy Dixon and Patrick Mooney, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Liam Hartigan & Emer O’Connor

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We learned more about communicating with each other…

Any arguments we would have before stems down to not communicating first... We also found the goals question really good... As we already have a daughter and house so never really sat and discussed what other goals we both would like in life...

Patrick also realised that I would appreciate more time together as in going out for dinner or the cinema away from out daughter and we’ll make a conscious effort to do that more. Also we agreed that we would like to start taking our daughter to mass a lot more often...

We did find the questionnaire really helpful as we went through it but at the beginning actually struggled with thinking of our own answers to them. It made us evaluate where we are in life.

Liam Hartigan & Emer O’Connor, Flagmount, Co. Clare

Denise Shanahan

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It brought up a good discussion on different topics such as money, taxes, how we would cope with a sick family member. I found it very good as it did address issues such as recurrent arguments and I feel we had a thorough discussion on why that happens.

It was also interesting to see Liam’s answers to the questions and see that we had a lot of the same answers, and quiet reassuring to see that our goals are the same and it did show us when arguing we both have different coping mechanisms and need to have a closer look at how we deal with things.

Denise Shanahan, Perth, Australia

Lyndsey Lynch and Martin Leanagh

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I was a bit apprehensive when I booked the course first, I thought the questions asked would be a bit backward! So I was surprised to see discussions about sex on both the video & workbook. There were questions in the workbook that we both had never really thought about especially in regards to managing your expectations after marriage & how you will react as husband & wife to certain scenarios that might be thrown your way.

I don't think there is any couple out there that never has an argument, it's only natural that you may bicker from time to time, we both found it amusing that the video tells you how to have a 'good argument' but it's true that arguments in a relationship are healthy & can actually strengthen a relationship if you go about it the right way & don't completely lose the head with one another! :-D I guess the workbook showed us both how we should look at things from the other person’s perspective first before we lose our cool.

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Sharon Boyle & Aidan Quinn

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We learned a lot about communication, a lot of points to help keep a healthy relationship and sexual relationship, preparing for children to make sure we are prepared and strong enough to start a family, and also how marriage is for life. We learned a lot and hopefully can start practising what we have learned now in our own home before the wedding day.

Sharon Boyle & Aidan Quinn, Co. Clare

Nick O Donoghue & Caroline Cronin

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We sat in our living room and spent the whole afternoon doing each section and we both were surprised how much we enjoyed it and how important it is. We talked about a lot of things that we know we have to work at and need us to spend time on... We know we aren't good at arguing ... And we had never talked about our financial future believe it or not. 

It made is talk about things we don't find time to talk about everyday and Aidan thinks we should do something similar every so often. 
We feel like we really benefited from it. Thanks a million for sending on the online course, it was great to do it at home in a comfortable environment. – Not at all what we expected and it was a great course.

Nick O Donoghue & Caroline Cronin, Kilbrittain, Bandon, Co. Cork


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For me it was time well spent. It was a good laugh answering questions separately & getting to correct & talk through the answers.

My main eye opener was also the conflict section. We struggled to fill some questions here as we very rarely fight. It was funny as I am from an ignore it & get on with it family. Money matters were good to talk through but we are very open on this matter & came up with the same answers. Over all time well spent & enjoyed it. 



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Firstly it was good to sit down and do something like this together. 

I felt that in our own environment we were able to speak very freely about all issues addressed in the programme, as opposed to discussing them with other people in the room. I learned that we as a couple are definitely on the same wave length, the answers to most our questions were the same, we seemed to be in agreement and understood most areas the same. I feel this justifies why we argue very rarely throughout our 12 year relationship.

The section which speaks about conflict and what you learn from your parents was for me an eye opener. My parents do have a very strong relationship but for me to think about the arguments I have witnessed growing up and how that has influenced me was interesting to look back on. This makes me conscious of how we would interact as a couple if we are successful at having our own family.