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Lyndsey Lynch and Martin Leanagh

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I was a bit apprehensive when I booked the course first, I thought the questions asked would be a bit backward! So I was surprised to see discussions about sex on both the video & workbook. There were questions in the workbook that we both had never really thought about especially in regards to managing your expectations after marriage & how you will react as husband & wife to certain scenarios that might be thrown your way.

I don't think there is any couple out there that never has an argument, it's only natural that you may bicker from time to time, we both found it amusing that the video tells you how to have a 'good argument' but it's true that arguments in a relationship are healthy & can actually strengthen a relationship if you go about it the right way & don't completely lose the head with one another! :-D I guess the workbook showed us both how we should look at things from the other person’s perspective first before we lose our cool.


When you agree to marry your partner you obviously think you know absolutely everything about them & are confident in saying that but there were a couple of topics that we were surprised by one another’s answers!! So it’s taught us to be more aware of each other & make more of an effort in understanding the other person's wants & needs. We both found the quiz fun & actually had a laugh reviewing each other’s answers!

With planning the wedding and how busy & stressed you can get doing that I guess you can lose focus on the real reason you are doing all this! We actually live in Perth, we are home for 2 weeks and are getting married in Spain in September so for the last week we have been home we have literally been rushing & racing around here & there so it was nice to chill for a couple of hours & focus on our relationship.

Lyndsey lynch and Martin Leanagh, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan