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Kayla and Justin

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We both learned that marriage is many things. Marriage is about compromise and putting your partner's needs ahead of yours.

Marriage is seeing your partner as an equal and making sure that each of you has a say in what is happening in your lives. Marriage is not always going to be a picnic but you need to move through the rough times as partners. When it comes to conflict make sure that you are not saying always or never and you are not bringing up past arguments. Also, know that you need to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

Your partner may not be in a positive mood because of something that happened at work or in their day. There are many things that also affect our marriage. For example our family and having kids. Through this all we need to always remember our love for one another and that we are both committed to our wonderful lives together. 

From the very first four pages there were things we did not know about each other. We really liked that because even though we have been together for 7 years it was something new that we were learning about each other. We enjoyed the exercise in which we listed reasons we are getting married other than love. It was a challenging experience in which we highlighted our similar values, life goals and compatibility.

We also liked the deserted island exercise. It really showed us that although we picked and ranked mostly the same objects, there were a few that we talked about and got each other's perspective on. Lastly, we liked watching the additional video because it talked about how God ties into our relationship.  Our marriage is about commitment just like God is committed to us.  

These exercises and videos had us talking about things that have not been said before. We talked about our parent’s relationships and our own relationships. We talked about our goals and our needs from each other. Overall, we really did learn more about each other and what our future had in store for us as a married couple. 

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Kayla and Justin