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Jennifer Swail & Daniel Nixon

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After completing the Mr and Mrs Quiz we were pleased to score 11 points and we learned we knew quite a bit about each other. We learned that loyalty and feeling comfortable with each other were some of the key reasons we decided on marriage as the next natural step.

We both learned that the main reason for us getting married was that we were bet tochange either person because ater as a team than as individuals. We realise that while we both have negative points and that we recognise this in each other we are prepared to take the rough with the smooth as we know that no-one is perfect.


Through completion of the booklet and watching the DVD we learned that honesty and open communication is very important. We both agreed that we don’t want nor expect marriage to change either person because we are marrying each other for the people we are now but are open to evolving with time. We can grow together in marriage. We learned it is extremely important to make time for each other during our busy lives.

We learned that it is vital to share responsibility and make joint decisions. We also learned it is vital to try and be supportive and understanding of each other even when there is a difference of opinion. We both felt that the other would be a good parent as we agree on how we feel we should bring them up if we are blessed in this way. We realised that it is important to find a healthy balance between spending quality time together with spending time with other family and friends.

We agreed to work together at all times on financial matters and budgeting issues. Through engagement with the course and discussion arising from that engagement we realise that while having children would be important to us but if it didn’t happen we would be open to other possibilities. Arguments don’t solve problems but only create more issues and it is preferable to have frank and open communication and mature conversations. The family relationship and dynamics between in laws must be considered and we are lucky that both families are mutually supportive to us both. We both feel welcomed by our future parents in law.

Communication can be conveyed through body language as well as dialogue. We also learned the it is important for fathers to spend at least 1 hour with children playing daily in the formative early years as it helps children’s self esteem and confidence.

Small and thoughtful acts of romance help keep the romance alive.

Jennifer Swail & Daniel Nixon