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Garrett & Paula

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I think we learnt quite a bit from the program. First and foremost, we learnt that we seem to be well suited to each other. There were no major surprises when we compared our answers for the different exercises and we both got good scores for each other on the first exercise. One thing that come out of the first exercise is that it both made us think a bit more about what we'd like to achieve in life so we learnt something ourselves and about each other.

Aside from that, we both learnt a bit more about our respective families that we didn't know before. We learnt that we probably need to bring a bit more romance back into the relationship (we've been together for almost 10 years) so we both agreed to make more of an effort in this area, particularly after we're married. 

Learning about the 'good' way to have an argument (start of quietly, know the outcome, etc.) was good. We rarely argue as we're both quite passive and easy going and good at talking things through but perhaps on the rare occasions we disagree knowing a 'good' way to argue is a useful tool. Also, the 5 good interactions for every bad interaction is a good thing to aim for.

Overall though, I think we were happy with how we got on. We think communication is key and we do communicate very well with each other. We have dinner almost every night at the table and leave our phones/tablets to the side, so getting each other’s undivided attention is very easy.

Kind regards,

Garrett & Paula