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Course Video's

Financial Consultant

Noel Morgan, a qualified financial consultant, talks to David about managing money, permanent health insurance, protecting your income, investment and getting the right life insurance for your family.

Family psychotherapist

Ruth O’Donnell speaks with David about how when you get married you are essentially trying to merge two families, the brides and the grooms. She discusses the influences our culture, religion, upbringing, our parents and siblings have on our decisions when it comes to starting our own families.

Feminist and psychotherapist

Rachel Henderson, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, talks creative conflict benefits and ways to grow from it.

Anne Sexton, writer and feminist, displays conflict areas for couples, power issues within relationships and effects of presence or lack of money in the marriage.


Paula Mee, Nutritional expert, explains to us the importance of being mindful about what we are eating, eating regularly and the overall importance of nutrition.

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