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What is Precana Class

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Pre-Cana Class

As a Catholic church member, once you get engaged and start preparing for your wedding, you need to start taking a Pre-Cana class. So what exactly is a Pre-Cana class?

Pre-Cana is a pre-wedding preparation course that one must complete before getting married in the Catholic church. Although some churches still call it Pre-Cana, many have started referring to it with a much modern name, "marriage prep."

Pre-Cana's name comes from Cana in the Bible, the town where there was a wedding feast, and Jesus turned water into wine. 

How is Pre-Cana Conducted?

Your parish may need you to take your Pre-Cana classes in a single day, but others may have a different schedule. Some churches will have it split over several days, either over the weekend or spread over multiple sessions. 

Some diocese may make it a course for up to six months. Therefore, one needs to check with their church to know how it conducts its Pre-Cana classes. It will help you prepare and make a schedule of when you will attend the course. 

Why is the Pre-Cana Class Important?

The format of the Pre-Cana course may vary from parish to parish, but the content and general concept are consistent. Most of the topics discussed include finances, careers, faith and spirituality, parenting, intimacy, children, and many other similar topics.

Some couples may have discussed these issues even before getting engaged, but the marriage prep class facilitates discussions around topics that people will face in marriage. It gets couples to be on the same page and look forward to their married life. 

You may be charged a small fee to take the course, but the fee may vary from diocese to diocese. You, therefore, need to check with your church on the charges. Also, you cannot take the course alone. Your spouse must be present so that you take the classes together. 

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