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The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Effect

Wedding Trends you'll see everywhere at weddings in 2019

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Getting Natural
Traditional soft, muted blush and vintage pastels will be an eternally popular wedding colour scheme and will remain a popular choice. But a more natural and earthy feel with loose and natural hand-tied bouquets where foliage and grasses are as, if not more important as the flowers, will be a much-loved look in 2019.

Who wouldn’t want a puppy delivering the wedding rings, or a regal peacock in your wedding photos? The trend to include animals in the ceremony and on your big day continues, and last year saw donkeys, goats, pigs and alpacas all making an appearance. Even a turtle had a star turn. The trend seem set to continue for 2019.

Women Making Speeches
Girl power comes to the wedding ceremony. As society changes, we are seeing more and more mums, bridesmaids, brides and sisters take to the mic. Why should men get to make all the wedding speeches?

Wedding Artists
A dreamy watercolour or a funny caricature, artists are making a bigger impact on the wedding ceremony than ever before. Everyone can have a photographer, but how many people have a hand drawn pencil sketch of the bride?

Including your favourite charity on your wedding day has become increasingly popular, mirroring the trend in the broader society. Getting your guests to donate or just to raise awareness, the more socially conscious wedding is definitely a trend to watch.

The Bridal Cape
Veils are traditional, but with more and more celebrities donning capes, the look seems to be catching on. Full-length capes add drama, short looks glamorous but any cape is bound to stand out.

The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Effect
Whatever the royal couple does will definitely be incorporated into weddings. Our fascination with princes and princesses doesn’t look like it is going away, so watch the royal couple, we are sure they will add something more to the mix in the coming year.

Eco-conscious and Ethical Weddings
A plastic-free wedding, a wedding using only locally sourced products and a return to natural and environmentally friendly ideas will feature more prominently as the conversation about climate change and global warming grows.