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Popular Wedding Destinations

Wedding Destinations. Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas are the most popular.

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Are you considering a destination wedding? Destination weddings have a lot to recommend them. They are often cheaper than marrying at home; you’re likely to have fewer guests, making an intimate and budget-friendly wedding easier to achieve; and you’ve got the honeymoon and wedding all in one, again saving money, but also stress.

Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas are the most popular spots for destination weddings, but Iceland, Canada and Italy are quickly gaining ground as couples look of something different. Let’s have a brief look at what’s on offer in each of these locales.


The Bahamas may be the closest thing to Paradise on earth. What’s so great about it? Well, there are 700 islands surrounded by warm, clear water perfect for scuba and snorkeling along with pristine beaches. There are also has ancient ruins; markets; spas; world-class dining and much more. The Bahamas offers both high-end luxury resorts as well as more intimate venues off the beaten track. Plus this island group is just a short plane ride from Miami.


Canada is increasingly a destination of choice for American holidaymakers, honeymooners and weddings. Canada has world-class cities with incredible restaurants, culture and nightlife. Vancouver is close to some of Canada’s best wineries, Quebec has French flare and Ontario is renowned for gourmet gastropubs. That’s not all — Canada also offers quaint seaside towns and villages, along with beautiful lakes, mountains and forests. And don’t forget the Canadian bacon!


This one is a little off the beaten track, but it is easy to see why Iceland is becoming a popular destination. The capital, Reykjavik, is the northernmost city in the world. It is possible to see the Northern Lights in the winter, and during the summer, the city has 22 hours of daylight. Reykjavik is a small and friendly city, but it still boasts fantastic restaurants, lively bars and clubs plus luxury hotels. What’s more, there are plenty of adventures into the countryside close by. Iceland offers thermal pools, hot springs, and volcanoes and activities include sledding, pony trekking, rafting, boating, and 4 wheel drive safaris to name a few.


Couples wed in Italy for la dolce vita — food, wine, culture, history and scenery. Italy has a variety of options — culture and heritage in Florence; museums and ancient ruins in Rome; plus vineyards, beaches, rolling countryside, the Alps, designer shopping, plenty of sunshine and wonderful, wonderful food.


With its gorgeous beaches, rainforests and laid-back lifestyle, Jamaica is popular with both honeymooners and wedding parties. Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island so there is plenty to do and see. Montego Bay is the busiest tourist destination and offers white-sand beaches and nightlife. If you prefer something more rustic, Negril and Treasure Beach are quiet but have incredible scenery with dramatic cliffs, coves, beaches and rainforest.


Mexico offers great value for money for Americans. All-inclusive luxury can be had for a lot less than back home. Plus Mexico offers beautiful beaches, sunny weather, historical architecture and Mayan ruins. The Caribbean and Gulf shorelines boast snorkeling and amazing reefs, which is perfect for scuba-lovers.

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