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Most Popular Wedding Trends

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Like everything else in life, how we style weddings changes with time. While ostentatious, celebrity-inspired over-the-top weddings ruled for many years, these have fallen out of fashion.

Here are ten of the hottest wedding trends of 2016.

Smaller, intimate weddings

It’s not the quantity of guests that’s important, but the quality. While it can be hard cutting the wedding guest list down to a reasonable size, more and more couples are opting to restrict their special day to the people they love the most. Smaller numbers can mean a less expensive wedding, but not if you follow wedding trend number 2 — personalization.


Most brides and grooms want their wedding to be a reflection of themselves and their relationship. This is why personalizing every aspect of the wedding as become so popular. Anything from the color theme to the tiniest details, such as the cutlery can be personalized. However it is generally better to stick to a few key areas that matter the most to you. One popular personalization trend has been signature His and Her cocktails. This is generally easy on your budget, and something your guests are sure to remember.

Satellite bars

Talking of drinks… a satellite bar is a second, smaller bar and is generally dedicated to a particular drink. It could be your favorite tipple, or a cocktail bar. If you want to follow two trends in one go, your satellite bar could serve locally produced alcohol. If you are a craft beer fan, serve a selection of local brews. If you’re in wine country, locally produced wines are the way to go.


There are few things as refreshing as a popsicle on a hot summer’s day. A popiscle for grown-ups, perhaps made from your signature cocktail, is sure to be appreciated and talked about. These can look incredibly stylish using juice with fresh berries or edible flowers. Just remember to make non-alcoholic ones too for guests that don’t drink, are driving. or are too young.


Aligned to the trend for personalization is the move towards DIY. As more and more of our lives move online, handcrafted items have regained a special allure. Invitations, favors, decorations, cake, flowers — there are endless DIY options for your wedding. Don’t take on more than you can reasonably do, however. You’ll be busy enough in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Going local

You may have guessed it, but locally sourced products and food has become increasingly popular. This not only means you are supporting the local economy, but the carbon footprint of your wedding will be lower too. Farm-to-table is as on-trend for weddings as it is in fine-dining establishments.

Heritage dishes and old favorites

Instead of sticking with the chicken, steak or fish option, more and more couples are serving food that reflects their ethnic background, or are going for casual favorites that everyone loves, such as pizza, burgers or mac and cheese. Buffet or family-style service is also popular, with couples serving gluten free, diary-free and vegan options to ensure every guest has something to eat whatever their food restrictions.


Metallics can be striking and elegant. Rose gold in particular is having a moment, but silver has taken a back seat. Metallics don’t need to be your dominant color theme. If you are worried about the wedding looking too bling, consider using metallics as an accent. High shine wedding invitations are also bang in trend too, which is an easy and inexpensive way to use metallics.


At the opposite end of metallics has been the return of florals. Contemporary florals can be both elegant and whimsical. Florals are a big trend for bridesmaids dresses and linens, giving your wedding a classic, romantic style with a twist.


Buttercream is back and we couldn’t be happier. For a long while fondant-covered cakes were the big thing, but buttercream has triumphantly returned. This is a good thing — buttercream is delicious and most people love it; it is cheaper than fondant; and it has a more organic, homemade feel. Save us a slice!

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