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Some brides are easy to deal with...

Some brides are easy to deal with...

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If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid you’ll know it is a lot of work. Some brides — like you, we are sure — are easy to deal with. They know what they want, they don’t ask for the impossible — or the downright extravagant — and they are grateful for all your hard work. Others, let’s face it, go full-on bridezilla. And you should never go full-on bridezilla.

But fair is fair — some bridesmaids are no picnic either. They complain about everything, get into a huff about small things and never seem to be available for important appointments.

All of this can put a strain on friendships and family relationships. It’s no wonder then that some brides have decided to ditch the whole idea of a bridal party, or at least downsize it.

According to Pinterest’s 2017 Wedding Report brides are choosing to have fewer bridesmaids and sometimes none. That way they can focus all their decision making between them and their partner. 

Of course, no bridal party works best if you are having a relatively chill wedding. If it is a massive undertaking you’ll need help. Having said that, even without a bridal party there is no reason why you can’t have your sister or BFF help out where need be on the day. 

There are plenty of benefits to forgoing bridesmaids. You don’t have to worry that your best friend looks washed out in the colors you love; nor will you have to run interference between bridesmaids that don’t get along. Add too that the fact that almost all brides are pressured into including at least one person in the bridal party that they would rather not. Leaving people out may make you feel guilty — or set you up for a guilt trip. So no bridal party, no problem!