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There you are… all dressed up in your wedding glad rags, looking happily in love and smiling for the camera and someone — or something — comes along and ruins the shot. We’ve found some of the funniest. Here they are!

1. A bride, a groomer and a naked swimmer — well, at least he is wearing a watch. That’s something — right?

A bride, a groomer and a naked swimmer
A bride, a groomer and a naked swimmer.

2. Where Waldo? And why exactly is he hugging a tree?

Where Waldo?

Where is Waldo?

3. The bride is like, “Austin Powers? Nope, nope, nope!” Yes, that is Mike Myers. Ooh behave!

Austin Powers

4. Sometimes it is absolutely fine to be outshined in your wedding pic.


5. Aw, look at the smile on him! Also serious photobomb envy…


6. Seriously, if you could train those deer to photobomb weddings on the regular, you’d be coining it. Photobomb envy!


7. Actually it is the couple who are photobombing this little guy’s portrait shot.


8. Oh darling, isn’t it wonderful? You, me, a bench… and Joey, downing beer.

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