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Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2017

Five Wedding Trends to Watch for in 2017

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If you are getting married in 2017, you’ll be keen to know what next year’s wedding trends look set to be. That way you can either decide to do them — or avoid them! Being on trend can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you want your wedding to have wow factor, and new trends can give you that. On the other, if you are attending a few weddings as a guest or if you are getting married towards the latter part of the year you don’t want your wedding to look old hat. Hmmm…. Tricky! Here’s what to expect from weddings in 2017.

Glamour with an edge
If you have ever teamed a pretty dress with a leather jacket or biker boots, you’ll understand exactly what this trend means. While glammed up barns have been popular for a while now, expect couples in 2017 to choose even more off-beat venues, such as warehouses, abandoned buildings, rooftops and so forth but styled with glamour, drama and luxury touches.

Vintage is timeless
The vintage wedding trend is not going away. It’s not surprising why. Timeless glamour is… well, timeless! Going vintage allows couples to be on trend but it also ensures that your wedding won’t “date” in the same way. Another reason is that the vintage vibe allows couples to add family heirlooms within their clothes, or décor.

Metallics and neutrals
Both metallics and neutrals will be popular during 2017. Copper, silver, pewter and of course, rose gold, are all on-trend. However, brushed, subtle metallics will win out over the high shine variety. Best of all, they work with most other shades. Neutrals such as greys and charcoals, grey-browns and pale tans are classics which don’t date. Again they can work with a variety of colors giving your wedding a timeless, sophisticated look.

Meaningful and local food
There are two major trends for wedding food, both of which we love. The first is a custom menu that is personal to the couple. This menu could include food that represents a couple’s cultural or ethnic heritage, or that has a personal connection to the couple’s love story. If you went out for pizza on your first date, you could consider including a station making mini artisan pizzas.

The second trend is to go local and seasonal. This better for the planet. It’s also better for local producers where your wedding is being held, whether that’s your hometown or a destination. And finally, it’s better for you and your guests as you get the freshest local produce.

One venue, two parties
One of the most fun parts of the wedding, especially for the bridal couple, is the after party. However by changing venues, you can lose momentum — not to mention guests — along the way. More and more couples are choosing to have the after party in the same venue as the wedding. This means your venue needs not to have late night noise restrictions. You can create a different vibe with new lighting, opening a different bar, or moving the party to a different room in the same venue.