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Festival bridal fashion -  Floral hair, Crop Tops, Glitter.

Festival bridal fashion - Floral hair, Crop Tops, Glitter.

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Festival bridal fashion
It’s summer! This means it's both wedding season and festival season. While weddings have long had a “look”, over the past few years, festival fashion has become increasingly popular. Unsurprisingly, festival fashion has influenced summer wedding fashion. Both are often romantic, with a penchant for flowing garments and flowers.   If you are considering adding some festival chic to your summer wedding look, we have some ideas.
Floral hair
Flower crowns don’t have to be big and brash. They can be subtle and subdued. Plus they make a gorgeous alternative to a veil. Braids with flowers entwined or flower ribbons are fab for weddings. 
Crop Tops
Crop tops have come a long way. No longer only paired with jeans or shorts, elegant crop tops paired with full skirts are popular on the red carpet and perfectly acceptable for weddings too. You may need to double check that a crop top will be acceptable to your priest. Although you can get wedding dresses with short crop tops, we think the trick is to only show a whisper of skin. Save the bralet look for some other time.
This one is a little out there. But to make glitter work for weddings, think small! Glitter eye make-up instead of a glitter face design. Of course, you will have to accept that you’ll get glitter all over your gown. If you are changing for the afterparty, this might be a better time to get sparkly.