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Expensive Wedding Venues USA

Expensive Wedding Venues USA

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Weddings are expensive. That’s hardly news. It may surprise you to learn that the average American couple spends around $32,641 on their big day. If you get married in New York you’ll need deep pockets. The average cost of a wedding in Manhattan is an eye-watering $82,299.

There are indeed ways of keeping the costs under control. Do you really need a designer wedding gown, out-of-season flowers, a bachelor party in Las Vegas or a honeymoon on a tropical beach. No… well, maybe the honeymoon — wedding planning is stressful! However, most of us want to have the wedding of our dreams and so we pay for it — in ever greater amounts. Couples getting married in 2015 spent $1,400 compared to the year before, and the average cost has risen more than $5,500 over the last five years.

If money were no object you could easily spend a whole lot more than $32,641. How much more? Well, how long is a piece of string? Here are some of the country’s most chichi — and expensive — wedding venues.


New York Public Library, New York

Prices start from $50,000

Fans of Sex and the City will know that Carrie Bradshaw was supposed to marry Mr Big in the New York Public Library, but through a series of misunderstandings the wedding never took place. It’s probably a good thing that Mr Big had a big wallet — and that both him and Carrie are fictional — because weddings in the Public Library start from $50,000. Sure, the building does have marble walls and floors, candelabras and towering ceilings. Still that’s a lot of dosh for a public building.


The Biltmore Estate, North Carolina

Prices start from $50,500

This 250-room chateau was built in 1895 and has 8,000 acres of beautiful gardens. Peaceful! The Biltmore Estate is the largest privately owned home in America so there’s more than enough space for your reception, including a ballroom and an Italian garden. The complete wedding experience starts at $50,500. On the plus side, there’s plenty of room to keep warring in-laws or family members apart.


Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, California

Prices reach up to $100,000

Wedding on the beach? Don’t mind if I do. Pelican Hill is a luxe resorted located along the Newport Beach coast. You won’t near to share your rapturous nuptials with anyone else as the venue only holds one wedding a day. At prices reaching up to $100,000, you wouldn’t feel inclined to share anyway.

Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee

Prices reach up to $315,000

Let’s say you’re a country gal or guy — at heart, if not in reality. Well, a venue named Blackberry Farm and set in Tennessee sounds chock full of rustic charm, and it is. Sure, the Smoky Mountains make a dramatic backdrop, which will look fantastic in your wedding photos, but the farm’s wedding package can cost up to $315,000. To be fair, that does include a two-night stay for up to 138 guests, gourmet meals, ceremony and reception, menu customization, and other amenities.


Key West, Little Palm Island, Florida

Prices start from $500,000

Half a million dollars and upwards! OK, it is a private island, and yes, one of the most beautiful places in the country, if not the world, but my goodness, that’s some price tag! For the low, low price of $500,000 you can rent the whole 5-acre private island for a minimum of 3 days. The starting price for 41-60 of your friends is $175,000, but they’ll also need to stay a minimum of three days. You’d be lucky to get change out of $1 million, but if you have that kind of money to burn, you probably couldn’t do much better.