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Save money on wedding expenses with these 9 tips.

9 Wedding Expenses and How to Save Money on Them

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There are some wedding expenses that sometimes people forget to include in the overall budget. The ones listed below include some of those forgotten expenses but also some that you should always consider and include right away. The cost can add up if youíre not paying attention to it.

1. Beauty

The bride, bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen and parents all need to prepare for the big day. That may include an appointment at a salon, or it might include having a pajama party the night before to help each other. If you do choose to go to a salon, be sure to book early and let them know itís for a wedding party. That way, even if your normal stylist is sick, they should find a replacement.

2. Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, if you and your partner have already got rings you can ignore this advice. The best way to save money on your wedding set is to buy from estate sales, from pawn shops, or other places that specialize in used jewelry. You can also ask your parents if they have anything put aside such as a relativeís rings that you can have.

3. Invitations and Postage

Invitations can add up in cost, but itís the postage people often forget about. Postage can really add up. Invite fewer people to save money or make your own invitations so that postage isnít as big of a deal. You can also send invites electronically to some people and through the mail to others who donít use electric communication.

4. Gifts for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Most couples like to get their bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts. This cost can add up. You want to get something meaningful that they can use and that shows how thankful you are. So instead of going for trendy gifts, consider giving them each a more personal keepsake that helps them remember the day.

5. Guest Gifts

Some people like to send their guests home with a keepsake. Instead of buying something separate for that, consider giving them the centerpieces on your tables and other things. Thatíll give them something they can use, plus it'll help you clean up.

6. Rehearsal Dinner

You can save money on your rehearsal dinner by having it at home and only inviting your wedding party and immediate family to the event. A nice dinner at home or a cookout in the yard can save a lot of money.

7. Honeymoon

Buy your honeymoon package as soon as possible because booking ahead will make the cost less expensive. Plus, choose to go to places in their offseason. When itís the offseason, you might even have more fun due to having more privacy.

8. Transportation and Accommodations

If your wedding party must travel and you need to help them with accommodations, it can sometimes be cheaper to book everything in the same hotel. But another way to do it is to book wedding party houses - one for the bride and one for the groom. Again, booking sooner will save money over waiting until itís close to the wedding day.

9. Marriage License

You canít get a discount on a marriage license, but itís important to mention it because it is an expense that some people totally forget about. For each area, the costs and requirements are different. Be sure to find out before so that you can get the license at the right time to avoid costly delays.

Saving money on every single expense will cut your total cost down to size. Whatís more is you donít even have to do without anything that you think is important to your wedding.