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5 Wedding Trends that need to go away!

5 Wedding Trends that need to go away!

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Here at Avalon Precana Courses we love checking out new wedding trends. Some are clever and amusing; others are over-the-top or very expensive. Either way it is fun to keep up to date with what brides and grooms are doing for their special day. Having said that, there are just some wedding trends we’d like to see disappear into the history books.

1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Weddings are expensive. More so now that so many couples plan their big day as if they were rock stars or reality TV celebs. Hey, if you have the money and can afford it, that’s fine. You do you! But ostentation instead of saving for a downpayment on your house or paying off your student loans is a terrible idea.

2. Trashing the dress
Unless you’ve been stood up at the altar there is really no need to “trash the dress.” Sure we get why it has become popular. It’s a chance to wear the dress again, extend the wedding event, have fun and get some cool photos. But it is also wasteful. If you are not planning on keeping your dress as a memento, sell it online or bring it to a charity shop. Trust us, there are loads of brides struggling to afford a lovely frock who’ll be very happy to take yours.

3. Two Dresses
Brides often change into something more comfortable for the wedding reception. This makes sense… Some, however, change into a whole new wedding dress. Did Kate Middleton need two wedding dresses? No, and neither does anybody else. People are less likely to marvel at the second gown than marvel at you being such a show-off.

4. Naked Cakes
We want frosting! Naked cakes might seem a lovely, almost homey, touch. Resist this idea! Unless you have a very fresh cake from a very talent confectionery, a naked cake will probably be dry and bland.

5. Picnic blankets as seats
If you are having a garden or relaxed wedding you may be tempted to swop seats for picnic blankets. While there is nothing wrong with some picnic blankets, these are not appropriate for older guests. Plus they get uncomfortable soon enough. Not to mention that there’ll be a whole lot of guests with food stains on their clothes if you make them eat picnic style.