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2020 Wedding Trends & Spending Habits. Findings, Facts & Figures

2020 Wedding Trends & Spending Habits. Findings, Facts & Figures

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It's no surprise that weddings are an expense, but just how much of an expense is a wedding and a reception? What are the popular wedding trends for the year?

Multiple studies have found some fascinating facts about wedding trends, spending and facts for 2019 and 2020 respectively, for instance, an average wedding cost, including engagement ring was found to be a startling $33,900. This cost excludes the cost of a proper honeymoon, meaning this figure comes from the cost of the ring, ceremony, and reception alone.

Studies also show that the average guest count for a wedding was 131, while the bridal party size was found to be around 10 on average. It was also found that the average age of the couples to wed was 32 years old, which is up from even 40 years ago, where that number was usually found to be lower, usually around 21 years of age.

Perhaps the rise of age has something to do with the cost of it all, as it was also found that only 21% have a destination wedding, while 83% do indeed set up a wedding registry.

It was also found that more than 70% of couples go on a honeymoon while spending over $5,000 to do so.

Here are some other interesting facts, findings, and figures:

-The most popular wedding date for 2020 is 10/10/2020, however, there's numerology behind the reason why that date may not be the best day to choose.

-$160 was the average price for a bridal bouquet.

-59% of bakers now offer gluten-free options, which is a major improvement.

-$1000 was found to be the average cost for a wedding DJ.

This number is compared to the fact that 24% of bands will charge a fee to learn a new song and the average cost of a ceremony musician is $500.

Further, it was found that:

-83% of wedding ceremonies last only 30 minutes or less.

-$100 is the average starting cost to rent a tuxedo.

-Dark blue is the most popular wedding color.

-The average starting price for a 3-hour photo booth rental was found to be around $551.

-The average fee for hiring a wedding planner was found to be around $3000.

-Only 37% of wedding photographers include engagement shoots in their starting packages.

When it comes to culture, studies show that:

-51% incorporate a religious reading while only 22% have a ceremony held in a religious institution.

-46% incorporate something important to their family in their clothing.

-Four in ten weddings incorporate religious or cultural elements.

-51% of couples marry someone from a different background.

When it comes to traditions, studies show that:

-The first dance was a tradition still held by over 90% of couples while cutting the cake was still held by 82%.

-38% wore an item that was borrowed.

-44% of couples are now creating their own vows.

-10% incorporated pets into their ceremony.

-22% donated food or decorations after the wedding.

-25% included locally-sourced products.

When it comes to food, studies show that:

-55% of weddings have a champagne toast.

-76% of weddings serve wedding cake.

-44% provided a dessert bar.

-$27 per person is the average cost for buffet service, while $40 is the average per-person cost for plate service.

-35% offer gluten-free or vegan options.

-56% of weddings offered a buffet.

Other Facts:

-30% of couples set up a honeymoon registry.

-86% of couples ask for bakeware or cookware.

-80% ask for bath items.

-60% begin the registry process online, with 97% handling the registry process exclusively online.

-23% of venues offer tent rentals.