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11 Tips to Reignite the Spark - Relationship Advice.

11 Tips to Reignite the Spark - Relationship Advice.

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Relationships are hard, but it is good to remember that nothing is as hard as it looks. So if you want to reignite that spark in your relationship, here are some simple steps that are guaranteed to work.

1. A couple that sweats together, stays together. Couples who exercise together have an increased physical attraction, and it improves your emotional bond. So go running, join a gym, or take up a sport together.

2. Be flirtatious. Being sexually suggestive and affectionate adds excitement to a romance. Remember when you first met. Rekindle that feeling with innuendos and sexy messages. A post- it note on a pillow or a flirty text will do wonders for your love life.

3. Create together. Creating something together, a business, a charity or a home remodelling project, or, if you are want, children, will bring you closer together. Doing creative hobbies together, such as pottery or gardening adds a further dimension to a relationship.

4. Be spontaneous. Surprises and novelty help to spice up a relationship, so take turns planning secret activities and dates. Go to a new restaurant, visit a museum, go to the zoo. Do something you haven’t done before, like hire two bicycles and go for a long ride together.

5. Giving compliments and telling your partner what you love about them helps you to see them in a more positive light, and boosts their confidence. Tell your partner you like their hair, the new dress, their tan, or just the way they smile will make them feel good, and when people feel good about themselves, they will reciprocate.

6. Let your lips do the talking. Kissing frequently may add more to your relationship than frequent sex, according to a new study. So pucker-up, and give your partner more lip, in the positive sense.

7. Saying thank you and showing your partner gratitude for the things they do is a major part of successful relationships. It creates a sense of well-being and leads to more openness. A flower or a note thanking your partner for something they did will bring you closer together.

8. Take a break and get away from things. Taking a vacation will help you to focus on each other. A staycation will also help if the budget is tight, the main thing is to refresh your bond and spend time alone together.

9. Keep it old school. Limit the use of technology, like phones and television, especially at mealtimes and in the bedroom. It will help you to feel more connected and to give your partner your full attention.

10. Snuggle-up. Studies have shown that partners who sleep closer together have more relationship satisfaction, plus, it keeps you warm, so double bonus.

11. Touching boosts the release of oxytocin in your brain, the chemical that triggers loving feelings, so be more touchy-feely. A simple 20-second hug can trigger a massive release of oxytocin. A hug a day will drive the blues away.